Tile Global

Terms & Conditions

For more information, Call us at 201-815-3565, or email us at ttsimports@gmail.com

  • Tile Global  does not contract or install tiles. Customers must use a separate service to operate these tasks.  

  • Tile Global is not responsible for calculating quantities or measurements for a purchase. We advise customers to have a contractor verify the size and amount of tiles needed for installation before placing an order. Under no circumstances will our responsibility exceed the cost of the tile to our customers.

  • All warranties provided by the individual manufacturer will be passed on to the final end user and are the responsibility of each manufacturer.

  • Since Tile Global sells at affordable prices, all products are final sale. All orders are non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

  • Any delays or losses in transit after shipping are not Tile Global responsibility. If you would like to file a claim against the trucking company, email us at ttsimports@gmail.com and we will help you.

  • All small packages $100.00 and under are automatically UPS insured with tracking. If a customer orders a shipment which exceeds $100.00, they must pay extra in order to get their order insured. If a customer wants a package which exceeds $100.00 to be insured, this customer must inform Tile Global.

  • Our products are not guaranteed against scratching, crazing, denting, chipping, fracturing, or wear after delivery.

  • Customers are responsible for immediately counting and examining their purchase as soon as it arrives. If a customer finds that an order is damaged or missing parts, he or she must note this on the Bill of Landing provided by the delivering carrier before the representative leaves the premises in order for a shipment to be refunded and/or replaced. If a customer neglects to examine his or her purchase before signing the bill of landing, a refund and/or replacement can no longer be requested.

  • All products may have irregularities in coloring and size. Hand-made and natural materials are subject to various textures, shades of color, and fragrances. These variations are not to be considered a defect.  

  • All marble products must be sealed before and after installation.

  • Tile Global is subject to variations in the value of foreign currencies to the dollar and are therefore unpredictable. This is also the case for the cost of ocean freight which can increase on a weekly basis. Therefore, prices set forth on this website are subject to change.

  • Be aware that shipments consisting of products that are sourced from multiple manufacturers will likely add extra shipping charges. We will contact the customer to inform them of these additional charges.

  • Tile Global only delivers within the contiguous United States.

  • The delivery company will impose additional fees under certain circumstances such as:

    -  Refusal of shipment (If you receive the wrong order or damaged goods, fill this out on the BOL paperwork, accept the order and inform Tile Global of the issue.   If you do not accept the order, additional charges will be incurred).

     -  Change of address subsequent to the shipment of your order.

     -  Buyer is unwilling to pick up order from the terminal within the time frame the trucking company assigns.

  • Orders cannot be delivered to any Post Office Box.

  • Be aware that products imported from overseas need 4-12 weeks to ship from manufacturer to the supplier’s warehouse.

  • The trucking company provides curb delivery service only. Customers cannot expect the delivery carrier to pull into a driveway or carry the package(s) into a garage, house, shed, etc. The trucking company maintains this policy in order to avoid damaging any driveways that cannot sustain the weight of the truck.

  • A customer must pay a 50% cash deposit when they place a â special order, and this deposit cannot be refunded.

  • The placement of an order constitutes the fact that the customer has read all disclaimers and conditions of sale.

  • In the event you (the buyer) does not comply with the conditions of sale, including the obligation of making timing payments for sums due, you agree to pay all costs and any attorney fees, consulting fees, and witness fees we obtain in association with enforcing our rights.